Sounder / Beacon  
Model D-115

Demco Sounder D-115 is a versatile, compact electronic sounder that is designed ideally for fire, security and hazard warning. This solid-state sounder offers significantly high output levels at low current consumption. The casing is designed using a high grade ABS engineering plastic that has excellent resistance to impact and heat.

Featuring a red polythene removable conduit plug for easy conduit entries, D-115 is designed to work effectively with most detection systems incorporating central control equipment.

It also facilitates conceal fixing with the provision of thread protection plugs that prevent damage to the brass insert thread at the base of the box.Perfectly combining performance and functionality, D-115 has a protection classification of IP 54 and is designed to meet the requirements of BS5839 Part 1:1980.



  Functional – Inherent design offers wide operating voltage range
  Efficiency – Low power consumption with high output
  Accessible – Removable conduit plug offers easy conduit entries
  Versatile – Suitable for surface or flush mounting
  Practical Design – Provision of thread protection plugs protect brass inserts when conceal fixing is necessary
  Compatible – Works perfectly well with most detection systems
Model 115-154
Flashing Beacon/Sounder Combination
  • Operating Voltage: 24V DC
  • Operating Current: 70mA

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Sounder D-115