Fire Sprinkler Head  

SHJD’s range of automatic sprinklers is compact, highly durable and comes in several temperature ratings and K-Factors to meet various design requirements. They are available in Pendants (SSP), Uprights (SSU), Sidewalls (HSW) and Conventional (C U/P). Incorporated with either 3mm (Quick Response) or 5mm (Standard Response) diameter frangible glass bulb.

SHJD’s UL listed sprinkler heads are designed for use in light, ordinary, and extra hazard, commercial occupancies such as banks, hotels, shopping malls, factories, refineries, chemical plants, etc. If aesthetics is the major consideration, then Concealed Glass Bulb Flush Pendent Sprinkler (ZSTDY) should be your ideal choice.


  UL Listed glass bulb and seal plate
  Heat sensing component (glass bulb) and seal gasket from German
  Small frame and narrow profile bulb for enhanced appearance
  Chrome-plated finish for corrosive resistance
  Assembled and tested in production line utilizing German equipment and methodology

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Fire Sprinkler Head